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Chicken Chow Mein

Like most major cities in the world, here in Sydney we also have an area called China Town. Here exotic Asian foods are served that leave you drooling just by the smell alone. One of my favorite dishes is Chicken Chow Mein. Traditionally made with wheat noodles, this recipe is made with zoodles. Zoodles have become the mainstay for the ...
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Breakfast Fried Cauliflower

I’m not doing a special Easter Blog even though I made Easter Bunny biscuits (they’re on my facebook if you’re keen). Nevertheless, I did use an egg in this recipe. I think that counts, right? Also why do rabbits bring eggs and why are they made out of chocolate. None of it makes sense to me. So, I’m a bit ...
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Coffee (Like) Cake

Coffee and Cake go together like breathing in and breathing out. You just cannot do one without the other. It therefore makes sense to stick both into one delicious crumbly, yet moist cake topped with a Mocaccino like icing that will take you to taste heaven. “But I cannot have coffee”, I hear you yell in despair. To the rescue ...
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Wild Rabbit Stew

Before you turn away in utter despair with the notion that I am cooking cute little furry bunnies, let me assure you of the difference between a wild rabbit (hare) and a bunny rabbit. A hare is nowhere near as cute and they are much bigger, faster and abundant than rabbits bred as pets (actually Bugs would have been a Hare ...
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Burgers Without A Recipe

Occasionally – well okay frequently – I look into my fridge at the end of the day having totally forgotten to organised dinner, and there are some lonely grocery items looking at me like abandoned orphans. I have some minced organic beef in the freezer, one carrot, one tomato hidden in the back, an avocado that’s about to go beyond ...
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