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Grain Free Bread

10 Reasons We Are Addicted To Bread-Plus 5 Of The Best Grain Free Bread Recipes

Looking at this list you may well wonder how do these ten points add up to us craving bread like a heroin addict going cold turkey. It is actually a simple chemical reaction, not unlike the effects heroin has, in the body and on the brain. Starch Fat Sugar Salt Yeast Texture Smell Convenience Affordability Filling Around 85% of serotonin is ...
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Chicken Schnitzel and Kale

Going Home

Last week I ventured away from my city slicker lifestyle and back to the seaside town of Noosa, a place I have spent many years and made many memories. Other than the occasional visit to my family, I haven’t really been back for many many years, but have recently felt a pull, some sort of ‘call from the wild’ that ...
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Back To Earth

Riding on the coat-tails of the New Year, more so than ever I am to sense, embrace, reflect and provoke change. It’s not a decision I have made lightly, but with the New Year, I have birthed the plan of ‘returning to where it all began’. Close to 10 years ago I became very ill and was diagnosed with severe ...
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Lemon Tarts

‘Tis the season for Reflection, Love and Lemon Friends

  I went to Bali a few years ago to do some yoga (new years resolution No. 1) and was inspired to take the amazing outlook, and seemingly never-ceasing smiles of the local people and gain a bit of introspection on my own lifestyle. It is always important to be able to stop, and try and view yourself and your ...
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8 Sweet Christmas Recipes – Paleo, SCD, GAPS

  As Christmas slowly but surely peeks its head around the corner, most of us struggle with sticky little hands tugging on our shirts for ‘just one more sweet’. But for some reason, after indulging the urge, you feel Blah! Why? It is because the food we put into our body plays a pivotal part in the way we feel ...
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