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The Smooth Road to Nutrition

Call me infantile, but sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to chew. I just want a non-stop flow of flavours dancing in my mouth, with as minimal effort as possible. You know when you’re so exhausted after work/play/kids/exercise-whatever it is you fill your days with- that you just flop down on the couch, slack jawed, eyes lolling around in their ...
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If I have ever heard of anyone saying they didn’t like pizza it was usually followed by my feet thrashing in a mess of sweaty sheets and a loud scream as I awoke from a terrible, terrible nightmare. Not the first thing on any diet menu, pizza has long been heralded as a one of the comfort foods of the ...
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Healing Foods No. 2 – October 17th Release

  As the seasons around the world begin to change, so too must the shelves be dusted, the papers shuffled and the cookbooks re-arranged. I have been working for some time now on creating a new cookbook but I wanted to make sure every recipe was ready. Because just as there is a time of ‘readiness’ for people, there is ...
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Brand Spankin’ New Book

The time has arrived for a new Healing Foods Cookbook. Every now and then I think it is important to touch base with not only those around you, but also with yourself. The you self. No matter what philosophical canon you hail, this incorporates mind, body and soul. So this is me, touching base with you telling you I’m touching ...
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3 Course Rosh Hashanah Meal

Apple Cauliflower Salad This is a re-imagined version of the traditional Rosh Hashanah apple dipped in honey. Because writing a recipe for apple dipped in honey isn’t exactly ground breaking. Apple is eaten as it’s sweetness is meant to symbolise the wish for a sweet new year. Whizzing the cauliflower in the food processor to a rice-like consistency,  makes it ...
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