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Apple Compote & Crumble

This is my go to dish when I'm hankering for something sweet and crunchy. The nut crumble also works as a snack by itself and the coconut cream is my substitute for dairy cream. It doesn't have a strong coconutty taste at all and goes really well with the tartness of the green apple compote. I have no guilt when ...
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Carrot & Zucchini Fritters

With Poached Egg and Salmon This is my all time most favourite breakfast, apart from the Cardamom Porridge, the Crepes, the Granola, and the Pancakes...oh and the Bubble & Squeak and Egg Pies...but apart from those this is definitely my favourite breakfast. Especially on Sunday's, which is the day to indulge. Sundays are the days you don't diet, you wear ...
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