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Pickled Baby Vegetables

The term ‘functional food’ is often ascribed to foods that contain added benefits that go beyond basic nutrition (I can see your ears pricking from here). So this means, for example when we’re talking about pickled vegetables, we get the nutritional benefits of the vegetables, PLUS the extra Superman benefits of fermentation. There are many versions of fermented foods across ...
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Pumpkin and Macadamia Nut Soup

Pumpkin and Macadamia Nut Soup What to do with all that pumpkin flesh after carving out your Halloween Lanterns? Pumpkin Soup of course! This is a two trick pony; on one hand you get to use the pumpkin flesh that would otherwise end up in the bin. On the other; you get to mix that delicious flesh with the insurmountable ...
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Scrumptious Halloween Pumpkin Pie

Halloween is almost upon us, and with it comes shelves bursting with sugary lollies, chocolates, pies and pastries. In other words, the nightmare horror story that it always promises. In preparation for this time of ghoulish gluttony I always make sure there is a smorgasbord of delicious home-made treats that yield the powers to satisfy my sweet tooth AND nourish ...
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The Smooth Road to Nutrition

Call me infantile, but sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to chew. I just want a non-stop flow of flavours dancing in my mouth, with as minimal effort as possible. You know when you’re so exhausted after work/play/kids/exercise-whatever it is you fill your days with- that you just flop down on the couch, slack jawed, eyes lolling around in their ...
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If I have ever heard of anyone saying they didn’t like pizza it was usually followed by my feet thrashing in a mess of sweaty sheets and a loud scream as I awoke from a terrible, terrible nightmare. Not the first thing on any diet menu, pizza has long been heralded as a one of the comfort foods of the ...
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